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               May 1, 1979 The Girl


A Life in Words

Writing for me was optional at first until I knew what I wanted. Like eating and breathing, it’s something that is integral to my life. Burt Reynolds once said that, "All you have in the end are your stories."  If there is a thing, it's to write a story that gives something to the reader. As with all writers and journalists that strive to be of quality, I have an innate need to continually educate and be a part of something greater.  Those people are not only resume builders but also the hidden makers of history.  I follow the philosophy to not just exist.

My work is personal. In 2006 I graduated from Rhode Island College with a bachelor's degree in Communications.  At that time I worked full time at a coffee warehouse lugging 40lb boxes of muffins and coffee while going to college full time.  That was a youthful accomplishment.  From 2012 to 2023 I experienced a lot of personal loss along with getting to know myself.  In those years I wrote The Grapevine Trilogy and Collected Short Stories 1-29 and Poetry.  In 2012 I got divorced and from April to September 5 of my relatives died.  It was then that I wanted meaning, so I began writing.  It's my hope that you read my work, are entertained with it and possibly learn something in the process.


If there is a pie in the sky I am a piece of that, and if the Tin Man is The Oil Game, then I do my best to keep from rusting. Care to read?  You just might like me.

                      May 8, 1979 The Boy

The Reservoir

05/06, 2023

.A fight takes place and close friends are no longer. Barley Mare a quirky Vietnam veteran returns from vacationing in Thailand. Months after serving a prison sentence Shooter Nelson is looking for business partners to buy land and start a chicken farm. Craig and Faith Chaise spend the summer on the east coast, their marriage is tested when Craig's business partner Debbie-Sue 1/3 owner of Dionysus Refined a candle and wine company reveals a life altering truth. Is it possible to trust someone whom is physically abusive?

A crime takes place in the parking lot of the town reservoir. There is an investigation. Dr. Katherine Savant is a voice of reason amongst both physical and mental abuses. She gives advice, "Being attracted to women isn't bad it's natural. What I consider bad is deceiving the ones that you love."

Arianne Sullivan is in the are, she's holding art exhibits with the help of her assistant Saidah, but something about her dominant business self has changed. Her twin sister Sif and brother in law Nidhogg arrive with their narcissistic beliefs. An abduction with hostage taking and theft of art happens, taking Craig Chaise and Arianne Sullivan to Iceland where something is not right. Djinn Halim a former Iranian Special Ops soldier leads the investigation as he is Freyja Sullivan's head of security. 
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Between Walls
The Reason Cover.jpg

"It's not a thought to matter"

Timothy Richard Chase


The Reason 08/01/2023


41 Verdun Street

Woonsocket, RI 



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